Buddha Pear mould (5 pieces)


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Buddha melon mold is made of Polycarbonate material which can shape sweet melon or other fruits such as pears into Buddha pears .

We not only supply you with the molds , but also teach you how to grow them successfully ,there are quite many experience worth to share .

Size : 10cm x 6cm x 6cm

Material : Polycarbonate

How to use it :

1. Put the baby fruits on the molds when it is still smaller than the molds  .

2. Observe the mold ,when it is fully filled all the molds ,time to harvest ,open it when tool then you will get the best shapes of it.


Notice :

The package is not include the screws ,the screws is like below one,the size is M3.5x16mm.

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Buddha Pear mould (5 pieces)