Frankenstein Moulds


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Frankenstein pumpkins shape plastic mold is specially designed for shaping pumpkins into Frankenstein shape ,it is extremely welcomed figures on the Halloween days . to shape a Frankenstein shape pumpkins , you need to put the mold on the baby pumpkins and waiting patiently to let it grow bigger inside of the mold , when the pumpkins grow and filled the mold completely , then take it off , you will get the finally amazing Frankenstein shaped pumpkins.

One Frankenstein shape pumpkin sell with USD 125 each in local market .

Notice: The package is not include the bolts and nuts which you can get easily on local hardware store ,the size is M8x16 mm. 

Shipping: All package will be sent by post mail which is about 15-25 days to arrives after purchased. if you require better and faster shipping such as DHL or Fedex .

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Frankenstein Moulds